Register Your Child with Mom School Transport

Minimum 15 days advance notice is required for all new applications. Late submission may cause delay in commencement of service.


  1. Full month transport fee is payable in advance.

  2. Full payment for the month will be made by the first week of each month.

  3. New applicants are required to deposit payment within one week before the commencement date of service.

  4. Transport services that commences after 15th of the month will be charged as half-a-month fee.

  5. There will be no refund of bus fee after taking 2 weeks of transport service.

  6. Termination of our services requires one month’s written withdrawal notice or one month’s bus fee in lieu of notice. Please email the withdrawal notice via

  7. Moms School Transport Pvt. Ltd reserves the rights to change its buses, pick up time, routing and drivers.

  8. Student must remain seated and must fasten their seat belts throughout the journey.

  9. No adult is allowed on board the bus to accompany the student.

  10. Attendance systems are installed in every van/bus; please note that students whose names are not included in the attendance list, are not permitted to use this service.

  11. Seats are assigned by the bus driver and no reservation of seat is allowed.

  12. Student on board must obey the instruction of the driver. Shouting, fighting, bullying, vulgar/offensive language, running or playing on the bus is not permitted and misbehaving student violating the rules shall be brought to the attention of the MST’s management. Transport services may be terminated after 2 written warning letters issued by Moms School Transport Pvt. Ltd.

  13. Eating and drinking are not allowed on the bus.

  14. Pets are not allowed on the bus at all times.

  15. Sharp and potentially hazardous items such as pen, knife, and aerosols sprays are prohibited on the bus; stationery and toy must be kept in the bags.

  16. Changing of clothes in the bus is not permitted.

  17. All busses will be fitted with CCTV for security and surveillance purposes

  18. Students are expected to be considerate and respectful toward the bus driver and fellow students.

  19. Parents are liable for any damage done to the bus through the actions of the children.

  20. Students will board and alight from the bus at the door step of home and school.

  21. Students are not allowed to alight at non-designated points, other than their homes or school or travel on any other buses.

  22. Pick- up time, Generally, start at 6:30 am onwards and buses will arrive at the School by 8:00 am , with a buffer to 8:10 am (except for the students who reside more than 15 km away from the School OR “difficult “ locations for bus routing in reference to the other pick-up locations).

  23. The travelling time for morning and afternoon buses may take up to 50-60 minutes depending on traffic condition and bus routing.

  24. Punctuality must be observed at all times and students must be at the gate 5 minutes before the scheduled pick – up time for fetching in the morning.

  25. In the event that delay occurs due to unforeseen circumstances, the Transport Office personnel will inform the parents via the phones and SMS. Please ensure that the contact number provided is updated. Coordinator will call the parent to confirm the pick-up time and point prior to the commencement of the transport service.

  26. Pick-up & drop-off timings are subject to change with prior notice to parents. This is due to the changes in the new enrolment of the students throughout the year. However, MST is committed to keep it to a minimum level.

  27. If your child is not taking the school bus for any reason, please inform MST via email/SMS/call. This will allow us to inform the driver and minimize the delays of journey.

  28. For change in address, parents must submit the change address form and provide at least 10 days prior notice for such changes.

  29. Moms School Transport Pvt. Ltd reserves the rights to make further changes to the above Terms and Conditions, subject to informing school of changes and approval.



By submitting this form, I fully understand the terms and conditions stated above for engaging Moms School Transport Pvt. Ltd. and agree to abide by the said terms and conditions.